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PowerPoint Presentations

Giving the presenter all the power

I can almost guarantee that you've sat through interminable PowerPoint presentations. I might even go so far as to say, you've probably delivered one or two?

The phrase "Death by PowerPoint" started out int the nineties but I've not seen very much change to help eradicate it.  I'm still witnessing the same overcrowded bullet point screens with text so small you need the hubble telescope to read it.

The presenter is becoming redundant and I firmly believe that's a crime. You can't expect a bullet point to deliver the passion behind it. Protect our presenters!

I take your basic layout and turn them into a presentation where the screen is a superb back-up to the presenter, making you the focus. Every presentation I create is bespoke and aligns with your corporate branding to ensure you don't become another Death by PowerPoint casualty.


An in-depth presentation for a first time presenter. She was very nervous and the original presentation was a mass of bullet points and graphics grabbed from the internet which meant she spent more time staring at the screen than engaging with her audience.

I took the original and totally redeveloped it to work with the presenter and allow her to deliver a thought provoking pitch backed with a great looking presentation.