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Brand Development

Making the dream a reality

Coming up with that perfect brand is much more than just a great looking logo. Getting that identity to sit comfortably across all the forms of media is something that many people either forget or simply ignore.

In the words of Julia Roberts, "Big mistake, big mistake, huge!" 

You need to consider the myriad of ways people can view your company. If your brand is intricate text that looks fabulous on a brochure, consider how that may look on a mobile phone when someone is viewing your web page. 

If you're thinking, "right now the colour red seems to be the in thing because that's what everyone is doing" then please stop. All you're doing is dating your identity and one thing we all know about trends is that they change. 

Brand development is also about making sure that your preferred identity is unique, unattached to any domain name derivation and represents you and your company ethos. 

Over the years I've developed trade brands, retail brands and also re-branded existing brands to suit our customers needs. It always starts with a brainstorm and then off we go.